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University of Dundee

The Scottish university in the heart of Dundee offers the best of all worlds: Green spaces, study places and the buzz of city life.

University of Dundee

Ranked in The Guardian’s Top 20 UK Universities in 2021, the University of Dundee prides itself on three things: Impactful research, an excellent student experience and a community campus in the city.

Research at Dundee is motivated by ‘real-world’ issues and a desire to do research that makes a difference.

The university believes a student body with a strong sense of belonging and connectedness is a happy one.

The campus is in the heart of the city, close enough to be part of the excitement that surrounds Dundee. Students will be just a short walk from cultural attractions, cafes, restaurants, shops, and bars.

However, it also offers a strong sense of community, green spaces and other hang-out spots for students.

The train and bus stations are also within a short walking distance, handy for those days exploring the best that Scotland has to offer.

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University of Dundee Nethergate Dundee Scotland, UK DD1 4HN

Features and Benefits

Top 20

in The Guardian's UK Universities Guide


70+ nationalities

Activities & clubs

150 socities and 40 sports clubs


1.5 hours from Edinburgh


Tight-knit campus

City centre

Short walk to shops and bars

Dundee, Scotland

A strong identity, cultural confidence and a student-centric energy make up Dundee's reputation as a great place to live.

Dundee sits of the bank of the River Tay on the east coast of Scotland. The city is made up by about 150,000 people, of which students make up 1-in-7 individuals.

Dundonians have been described as “some of the friendliest people on the planet” and the city is home to several local businesses. Dundee is also the UK’s only UNESCO City of Design.

  • Explore the Scottish countryside: At the heart of Scotland’s road and rail network, Dundee puts spectacular scenery, skiing, championship golf, mountain climbing, and sailing within easy reach.
  • Well-connected: The major cities of Edinburgh and Glasgow are under two hours by train. Scotland’s four main international airports all operate both national airlines and low cost airlines.
  • Creativity and innovation: Dundee is famous for creativity and innovation, testament to which is the V&A Dundee museum. Dundee is also the birthplace of Scottish video games industry and worldwide favourite, Grand Theft Auto.


Explore Dundee

The thing that makes the city really special is the love and energy that has been put into local businesses. Contemporary restaurants, independent eateries, bars and social spaces surround the University. They are easy to find but hard to leave.

Dundee is at the heart of Scotland’s road and rail network and puts spectacular scenery, skiing, championship golf, mountain climbing, and sailing within easy reach.


At a short two-minute walk away from the city centre, the campus is close enough to be part of the excitement that surrounds Dundee. Students will be just a short walk from cultural attractions, cafes, restaurants, shops, and bars.

Campus - Key Information
  • State-of-the-art technology facilities, including 2,000+ generally available PCs on campus, and round the clock IT support.
  • High-class facilities including tennis courts, a swimming pool and outdoor playing fields with a wide range of exercise and sporting opportunities for all.
  • Sewing machines, 3D printers, badge makers, and even Lego on offer at CreateSpace, the library’s new spot for unwinding with a twist.
  • Student accommodation is made up of hundreds of self-contained flats, with single bedrooms and en-suite bathrooms (private toilet in the room).
  • Ranked number one globally by the International Student Barometer (2019) for its 130 societies and student groups.
  • Several campus and community events such as Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design degree show and Festival of the Future.
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Community campus

A five-minute walk will show you the entire campus, where students from various backgrounds and disciplines can come together in community spaces.

Research with impact 

Over the past 50 years, University of Dundee has pioneered innovations as diverse as flat screen technology seen on every mobile phone or tablet and minimally-invasive, or ‘keyhole’, surgery.


The University of Dundee boasts of 250 flats of accommodation, all with single occupancy bedrooms, en suite bathrooms and superfast WiFi.

The University of Dundee has about 1600 rooms spread across four main halls of residence: Belmont Tower, Heathfield, Seabraes and West Park.

All rooms are single occupancy with private bathrooms (en suite), equipped with superfast WiFi. Rooms cost approximately £135-£165 per week.

Also available are laundry facilities, bike storage, a shared kitchen and weekend parking.

Halls are 10-minutes away from big supermarkets and the train station. Even less is the walk to get to the city centre, full of restaurants, cafes and bars.

Halls of residence  Standard Rooms  Premier Rooms
Belmont Flats £5,910.38 £6,039.88
Belmont Tower £5,542.60 £5,760.16 
Balfour Flats £5,462.31
Heathfield £5,910.38
Seabraes Flats 1-32 £5,457.13
Seabraes Flats 33-64 £5,861.17
West Park Flats £5,086.76 £5,187.77 
West Park Villas £4,882.15  –
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Key Features & Amenities




Single occupancy


Access to laundry facilities


En-suite (with shower and toilet)


Inclusive of Utility bills


In easy reach of bicycle storage


Fully connected to superfast wired and wifi internet


Connection to Freeview or Freesat

Student Experience

Student experience is at the heart of all decisions made at Dundee.

The University of Dundee prides itself on a strong sense of community, built with the help of a very integrated student-University link. There is student representation at all levels – including the University governing body and committees.

Students enjoy personal attention as well as a high degree of representation.

There are over 150 societies and over 40 sports clubs for students to meet their peers – whether you are interested in Fifa tournaments, puppies or Game of Thrones.

Be prepared to see familiar faces all around campus, especially as international students – from over 70 different nationalities – from various academic disciplines return to Dundee.

The campus offers students a strong support network by way of the Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA), as well as places to unwind. These include cafes, comfortable study escapes and beautiful views across the River Tay.

150 societies

Puppies to Game of Thrones

40 sports clubs

For fanatics or hobbyists


70+ nationalities

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Students can choose to be a part of about 200 clubs and societies. Ranked number one globally by the International Student Barometer (2019), the societies bring together groups of students who share similar interests – be that a hobby, belief, or passion.

The University is home to a high-class campus facility, tennis courts, swimming pool, and outdoor playing fields with a wide range of exercise and sporting opportunities.

Dundee University Students’ Association (DUSA) deals with all things related to student welfare and wellbeing. You can talk to them about anything!

Your Route to this University

International College Dundee offers you an alternative way to begin your undergraduate or postgraduate studies at the University of Dundee.

International College Dundee 

International College of Dundee (ICD) boasts of a 94% continuation rate to the University of Dundee. It also has a 96% student success rate.

ICD is located on the main Dundee campus, which gives students access to many of the same facilities and accommodation.

The small class sizes allow for individual attention from the teaching staff. Students also get to know each other much better and form a stronger community.

ICD students continue directly to University of Dundee upon completion of their course.

Your route to ICD

Degree Courses

ICD offers various course options at the undergraduate and postgraduate level. Undergraduate students can choose from a range of pathways including Art & Design, Business, Computing, Nursing, Life and Biomedical Sciences, Engineering and Social Studies. While postgraduate students will study a series of modules combining English language and graduate study skills, leading to a variety of master's degrees with the University of Dundee.

Supporting students to success

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I have a lot of international friends here at BUIC, and I’ve learnt so much from them. There is always a lot to do together both on and off-campus.

Sagar Nepal, Bangor University International College (BUIC)

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I think one of the main reasons the IIM (pre-masters) has been so helpful is because the staff are so supportive and are always able to help me. Whether it is understanding a module or finding out how to sort accommodation, they will help you with everything. I’ve enjoyed studying at Bangor, the people are friendly, and the environment is also really peaceful and safe. It’s given me the best opportunity to succeed in my studies here in the UK.

Tong Tong China, Bangor University International College (BUIC)

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