Edinburgh Napier University International College

Important Dates

January 2024 intake

Online Registration Opens 05th December 2023
Induction 08th January 2024
Course Start Date 08th January 2024

Pre-Arrival Webinars

Our pre-arrival webinar series for international students is designed to prepare you for your upcoming journey to ENUIC. You can find out some of what we discuss in these webinars below and how to join them.

In these live sessions, your key staff contacts, as well as current international students, will provide you with guidance and advice as a newly-admitted international student.

Do you have questions?
All our webinars have a LIVE question and answer session at the end! You will have the opportunity to ask our speakers questions during the meeting and get fast answers!

Pre-Arrival Webinar

In this webinar, participants will begin by meeting the pre-arrival team for the first time! The webinar will cover a host of topics designed to assist you with all you need to do before reaching the UK, including:

Information and updates about booking your visa
Booking your accommodation
What is registration?
Booking your flight
Bringing dependants
Arriving in the UK
And much more!
You’ll also get an opportunity to hear from our Student Experience Officers, who will be on hand to help you as soon as you arrive in the UK.

Click here to watch the recording

Accommodation: Your Options

In this webinar, participants will learn about university accommodation, the advantages and disadvantages of living in privately-owned housing and things to consider before booking.

The webinar will also cover:

Where you should live and why it is important to be close to campus
The best websites to search for accommodation
The importance of booking early

Date Time Link
06th December 11 am GMT Click here to register

College Pre-Arrival Webinar

In this webinar, participants will begin by meeting the ENUIC college team for the first time! This webinar will cover ENUIC specific topics, including:

Notable dates
Your journey to the college
How to complete your online registration
The cost of living in the UK
Welcome week and induction
You’ll also hear from current student representatives who joined the course within the last year!

This webinar will be repeated three times before your course start date; you can join as many times as you like and ask questions – we recommend joining at least once!

Date Time Link
13th December 11 am GMT Click here to register
21st December 11 am GMT Click here to register

Edinburgh Napier University International College (ENUIC)

We look forward to welcoming you to the Edinburgh Napier University International College (ENUIC)!

We want all our students to have the best possible start and for this to happen, it is essential that you follow the below steps.

Pre arrival information

1.      Apply for your visa

2.      Book your accommodation

3.      Book your flight

4.      How to Register

5.      Tuition fee payment

6.      Late arrival

7.      Pre-arrival timeline

8.      Useful contact information

Apply for your Visa

In order to avoid delays in getting your visa, it is very important to apply for your Student visa as soon as you have received your Confirmation of Acceptance for Study (CAS) letter. Any delays in receiving your visa, will impact your ability to register onto your course on time.

Our team can support you through this process. You can contact us by using the OIEG contact us form.

We will request updates on your visa application status via CAS Shield, the online self-service system that you used when you submitted your CAS documents. Please ensure that you click the button that best represents your situation so we can promptly assist you. Once you’ve received your visa, please upload the vignette on CAS Shield.

Book your accommodation

Accommodation must be arranged before your arrival to the UK. All students under the age of 18, must provide proof o accommodation before arrival.

Edinburgh Napier University (ENU) offers several halls of residence options according to your preference.

ENU start taking applications in May for September entry of that year and in late October for January starts.

If you prefer to live in halls of residence, please apply as early as possible as places fill up fast!

You’ll be able to book your accommodation if you hold an Unconditional Offer letter and have paid your tuition fee deposit or if you have been issued a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) letter.

  1. You will need your Edinburgh Napier Number, which is displayed on your Unconditional Offer letter under the Uni ID section
  2. You will need to submit your online application by 3pm on 4th January 2024 via the following booking portal: https://accommodation.napier.ac.uk/
  3. When booking accommodation via the booking portal, ENUIC students need to select EN International College option, NOT the UG or PG option.
  4. Once you’ve submitted your application successfully you will get a confirmation email sent to you. It will take the University 4 working days to respond with an offer of accommodation or further information.
  5. You will need to make your £500 advance rent payment within 72 hours of receiving your offer of accommodation.
  6. Please note, ENU do not accept Maestro payments. If your visa gets refused, you will need to produce evidence of it before 4th January 2024, and the £500 will be refunded to you.
  7. You will need complete and upload a guarantor form, payment schedule and online induction within 3 days of receiving your accommodation reservation email.
  8. Take a Look at the range of university managed accommodation on this page

Private accommodation

If you want to live off-campus, please take into consideration that due to the ongoing housing and cost of living crisis, private accommodation is more difficult to find and may be more expensive than usual.

Searching for private accommodation can be quite time consuming so be prepared to do a lot of browsing online.

We recommend using CASITA, as they are a one stop shop for student accommodation and offer multilingual 24/7 support to help you find the best accommodation within your budget. You can start you search by clicking HERE

Here are a few other sites to look for accommodation – most will be updated regularly with new properties.


Letting Agents

Not all flats will be rented by the homeowner. In some cases the homeowner will employ a letting agent to manage their properties. The letting agent will manage the rental process, including legal formalities from signing a lease to dealing with repairs and maintenance. The main letting agents advertise on the following sites:


Flatshare Websites

There are many online sites such as spareroom.co.uk where people advertise for flatmates to live with them. You’ll need to register with these sites but you can look for a room to rent, as well as post a profile of yourself – be honest! They are quick and easy to search and generally no calls need to be made initially since most of the communication is done via email which makes the process a bit less daunting if English is not your first language.

Spareroom has fees if you want to contact fresh listings – otherwise you will need to wait until the listing is 7 days old.

It is advisable to move into your accommodation a day or two before your course start date so that you are fully rested and ready to attend our informative and engaging induction events.

To maximize your success on your chosen course and to have the best student experience, we recommend that your term time accommodation is within 40 miles distance from the College. This will make it easier for you to attend your classes and to get involved in clubs and societies of your interest.

We will request updates on your accommodation details via CAS Shield, the online self-service system that you used when you submitted your CAS documents. Please ensure that you click the button that best represents your situation so we can promptly assist you.

Booking your flight

Immediately after you’ve received your visa, book your flight. When booking your flight, please make sure you arrive a few days before your first day of the term, so you have enough time to check-in to your accommodation and join your classes on time. Edinburgh is well connected with direct flights from China, Turkey and the Middle East. If connecting via another airport e.g. Amsterdam, please make sure you have the correct visa documents for your transit destination.

We will request updates on your flight details via CAS Shield, the online self-service system that you used when you submitted your CAS documents. Once you’ve booked your flight, please upload your flight ticket on CAS Shield so we can prepare for your arrival.

For information on getting from the airport to Edinburgh, please check the following link: Getting here

How to Register

Stage 1 – Online registration

Online registration is a compulsory requirement, and all students need to complete it before arrival. The details that you will provide as part of the online registration task will allow us to prepare for your arrival such as creating your Student ID card, setting up your university email address and enable your IT facilities.

Once you’ve received your CAS, ENU will send you three registration emails to your personal email account giving you access to information technology (IT) services and online registration. Please note that this won’t be earlier than two weeks before your course start date.

If you have not received the registration emails to your personal account, please contact registration@napier.ac.uk and provide us with your correct personal email address. Please check your junk/spam email folders first if you haven’t received these emails.

Important! Before you are able to start your online registration you must create a secure password which you will need in order to enter the registration portal.

You will receive password creating instructions to your personal email address. Please look out for an email with the subject header of Getting Registered with Edinburgh Napier University and follow all instructions.

Once you’ve created your password, you’ll receive the final email to your personal email account which will give you access to complete the final steps of your online registration.

• Complete your online registration (you will also need to upload a copy of your visa)

• Upload your photo via Photo Manager (this will be printed on your Student Card)

• Enrol for the Password Manager Service

• Complete the Introduction to Computing and Library Services

You can find all the online registration essential tasks by clicking HERE

Please remember that creating your password is NOT online registration.

Once you’ve created your password you will be able to enter the registration portal and complete your online registration.

You must complete the online process and any other checks that are required for you to become a fully registered student at Edinburgh Napier University International College.

Stage 2 – University Immigration Check

Student Visa holders once in the UK, will need to provide the University’s Visa and International Support team with the following to complete the registration process:

  • A copy of your visa decision letter
  • Evidence of entry to the UK (e.g entry clearance stamp in your passport or boarding pass if you enter through the UK E-Gate Passport Control)
  • A copy of your BRP (if you have not collected your BRP card yet, you can provide this later)

Tuition Fee Payment

We strongly advise that you pay your remaining fee from your home country as soon as you receive your visa and before you travel to the UK. Settling all due payments prior to arrival will allow you to focus on your studies and to enjoy your student life. Without paying your tuition fees, you may not receive your timetable and may have restrictions applied to your university facilities.

You can easily pay your tuition and fees online via Flywire, our preferred payment partner. Flywire provides a secure global payment network that simplifies paying your fees from your home country and countries around the world. Payment options can include bank transfers, credit cards, e-wallets and more, typically in your home currency for most countries. Click the button below or copy and paste the payment URL into your browser.


If you want to discuss your tuition fee payment, you can contact our Credit Control team at creditcontrol@oxfordinternational.com

Late Arrivals

We want you to have the best possible student experience and we will provide you with an informative induction and orientation events to help you settle into your studies and make friends. We strongly advise that you don’t miss any of these events and that you attend lectures from day one in order to have the best possible academic outcome. To enjoy the full student experience, you need to arrive at the College no later than the course start date as stated in your offer letter and Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).

If you believe you are going to enter the UK beyond the course start, it is very important your let us know. Unfortunately, there will not be permissions to arrive late unless you are going through very exceptional situations, and these are the reasons why you cannot travel in time for your induction date. Please send an email to the College team at arrivalsupport@oxfordinternational.com and let us know what date you expect to arrive and the reason for the delay. This is so we can ensure you are fully registered and will receive an induction once you arrive.

Pre-Arrivals Timeline

As the course start date approaches, we will be in regular contact with a lot of useful information which will fully prepare you to have the best start. Please check your personal email regularly so you don’t miss out.

Eight weeks to go Book your accommodation

If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, we will contact you to advise you on accommodation availability and to check if you need any support from us. Please note that we won’t be able to book accommodation on your behalf.

Four weeks to go Attend our pre-arrival webinar

In this webinar we will provide you information on accommodation, registration steps, what to bring with you at enrolment and we will answer any questions you may have. You will receive an email invitation on your personal email address well in advance.

Four weeks to go Book your flight

By now you should have received your visa and you need to make your travel arrangements, so you arrive at the college on time to attend our induction events, collect your timetable and student ID card. We will contact you to request your flight details so we can prepare for your arrival.

Four weeks to go Pre-arrival emails

The College pre-arrival emails will be sent regularly until the end of registration period and will inform you as well as remind you that online registration is required before the face-to-face visa verification.

Three weeks to go Complete online registration

The registration portal will be open and you will receive the portal login details.

Two weeks to go Airport pick up

We will contact you to check if you would like us to arrange your airport pick up and to advise you on how to book and how to pay for this service.

One week to go Self-funded students – Pay your outstanding tuition fee

We will remind you that your remaining tuition fee will become due and will advise you on how to pay.

0 days to go Welcome to ENUIC!

Our friendly team will be there to help you with any information you may need!

Useful Contact Information

Visa: Pathways@oxfordinternational.com

Accommodation: accommodation@napier.ac.uk

Online registration: registration@napier.ac.uk

Tuition fee payments: creditcontrol@oxfordinternational.com

IT support for technical issues: ISServiceDesk@napier.ac.uk

College support: enuic@napier.ac.uk


Normally 3-4 weeks prior to course start date.

If you have forgotten your password, please visit the Self-Service Password Reset service in the first instance. You should have enrolled for this as part of your Introduction to Computing and Library Services.

If you are still having difficulty then please contact ISServiceDesk@napier.ac.uk or visit your local Library or IT help desk.

Once you have completed registration you will be given an option to upload a photo for your student card via Photo Manager.

Once you have uploaded the photo and you are fully registered, your card will be posted to the UK contact address you have confirmed in Photo Manager. Please note that student cards will only be sent to a UK contact address. If your address is not correct, you need to update your student record prior to uploading your photo.

You will have an opportunity to change this address but if you do not have a secure contact address yet that your card can be posted to, you may choose not to request your card at this time. Please be aware that if you request your card to be sent to an address, other than your UK contact address, and are unable to retrieve the card you may be charged £10 for a replacement. Once you have an address you can then come back, upload your photo, choose/update your address and your card will be posted to you.

When you have fully completed the registration process, have a confirmed contact address, and have uploaded a photo, your card will be sent to the card bureau for printing. The data is sent down daily every evening so will be picked up the next day and processed. Your card will be posted within 5-7 days of the bureau receiving your card data. Please note that the processing time may increase to 10-14 working days at the start of term due to a high volume of requests.

You will need to collect your biometric residence permit from your designated collection point before the vignette sticker in your travel document expires or within 10 days of arriving in the UK, whichever is later. You can find your collection point on your UKVI decision letter (either the Post Office or the University). Take your decision letter and passport with you.

If you have received a digital visa status then this will not apply to you and you will not need to collect a physical BRP card.

You are expected to be on campus for the start date of your course, you will need to be there at least 1 week before to complete registration and collect your ID card, settle into accommodation, and attend induction events.

To open a bank account, make an appointment with your bank of choice and bring with you your passport, student card, student status letter (available from any of the iPoints) and proof of address. You will need to show the bank your accommodation acceptance letter if you’re living on campus, along with proof of your home address. It’s also wise to ask when making the appointment if there are any other documents you require to get an account opened.

Timetable for term 1 will be sent to you before the start of the term. It will be available for you to view on the Edinburgh Napier app approximately 5 days after you fully complete the registration process.

It’s important that you register with a local GP Practice (doctors) as soon as possible to access help and services should you have a health concern during your studies. It is essential that your health and wellbeing is looked after and to access this, you must register with a GP near to where your accommodation is. In order to register, you will require a letter confirming you are a full-time student which you can get from one our iPoints (there is one based at each of our campuses).

For more info on how to find a GP and register, click HERE

https://www.napier.ac.uk/about-us/our-location/about-edinburgh/getting-here – This link shows travel options from the closest airport (Edinburgh)

For Travel:

  • Your current passport
  • Your Student Visa (if required)
  • Permission to Travel Letter (if applicable)
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
  • Documents used to support your offer as mentioned in your CAS
  • Proof of fees paid
  • Evidence of finances (for example bank statements)
  • Proof of your UK address
  • Medical records for pre-existing conditions & details of vaccinations
  • Any medication you are currently taking
  • Your medical/tuberculosis certificate (if applicable)
  • Travel insurance
  • Small amount of cash or travellers’ cheques for everyday expenses, before your bank account is set up

For university:

  • A suitable laptop or computer for study that can connect to Wi-Fi
  • A mobile phone with a number you can easily be contacted on
  • A smart phone so you can download the ENU Student Portal App

https://www.napier.ac.uk/study-with-us/undergraduate/facilities – Sports, library, computer games labs