International Year Zero - Business & Law

This course is designed to give you a solid grounding in the basic principles Of management, marketing strategy and economics as well as law, government and society, depending on your chosen route of study. Students on this course will gain insight into a wide number of organisational practices, theories and behaviours.

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Course Overview

Business is becoming increasingly international and today’s graduates are expected to be able to thrive within the global business market.

The modules on IYZ: Business and Law will allow you develop the critical skills, knowledge and ability to succeed if you aspire to be one of the next generation of business leaders.

You’ll examine real-life business case studies to learn corporate strategy, analyse successful marketing campaigns and gain a solid grounding in management theory and economics.

As a student of DMUIC, you will have access to a wealth of business support services for students.

On this course you will:

  • Get a solid grounding in the basic principles of management, marketing, strategy and economics
  • Discover the factors for success used by multi-nationals
  • Learn how to start your own business

To join this course you will need to have successfully completed high school or equivalent and meet the English language requirements. We offer Pre-sessional English which is a 6 or 12-week extension course for those who may not yet meet the required English language standards for direct entry to our pathways.

  • Direct Entry – IELTS 5.5 (with no skill below 5.5)
  • Pre-sessional English 6-weeks – IELTS 5.0 (with no skill below 4.5)
  • Pre-sessional English 12-weeks – IELTS 4.5 (with no skill below 4.0)

Key Information



4 years:

1 year pathway + 3 years degree


Start Dates

November 2022 | January 2023 | September 2023 | November 2023 | January 2024

Pathway Tuition Fee


Course English Language Requirement
Minimum IELTS 6.0 with no less than 5.5 in each component
+6 week Pre-Sessional English IELTS 5.5 with no less than 5.0 in each component
+12 week Pre-Sessional English IELTS 5.0 with no less than 4.5 in each component

What will you study

Alongside core modules, you will study subject-specific modules that will equip you with a foundation of knowledge for your chosen field of study.

Modules you will study

This module will give you an excellent understanding of the different types of business organisations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. As well as business definitions and types of businesses, the module will cover business start-ups and sourcing finance, business ethics and corporate social responsibility.

This module is designed to introduce you to the basic theory and mechanics of Accounting to prepare you for your first year of an Accounting degree. The approach will be technically orientated and will prioritise International Accounting Standard practice and bring in, where appropriate, UK practice.

This module analyses key international issues through the lens of the principles and terminology used in economics. The module will explore business in the context of global issues such as population growth, wealth, poverty, energy, the environment and technological change.

This module provides an introduction to management in modern business enterprises, exploring the role and function of managers within this context. The content reflects on globalisation and considers the international aspects of management. Early theories of management, organisations and their structures and people management also form part of this module.

This module provides a basic understanding of the political and social structures of the UK, including the impact of the EU. There will be a historical strand highlighting how Britain has changed and developed since 1945. Topics covered include central and local government, elections and voting, class, ethnicity and gender.

This module has a clear focus on the law as it relates to businesses and provides a functional knowledge relating to basic rights and liabilities in law that may affect a modern business. This involves understanding the different types of business entity, such as a partnership or a limited company, and their differences in law. Issues such as formation and nature of contracts, negligence and liability, and the small claims track feature.

Continuation degrees

This study route offers you a pathway to the following degree courses

BSc (Hons)

This course equips you with an understanding of theories and research about mind and behaviour, in line with current thinking and sector developments.

BA (Hons)
Business Administration

This one-year programme is a final year top-up degree designed to strengthen your skills for a fast-paced and continuously changing business environment.

BA (Hons)
Business Economics

Study business theories and models present in contemporary organisations in this flexible course with a wide range of optional modules to choose from.

BA (Hons)
International Finance and Business

Explore how accounting approaches, financing decisions, financial markets, economics and politics would impact external and internal business environments.

BA (Hons)
Business and Marketing

This course will help you to develop a wide knowledge of the range of business and marketing disciplines, the relationships between them and their application to practice.

BSc (Hons)

Accounting BSc (Hons) will provide you with a high level of technical knowledge to underpin your future career as a chartered accountant. It provides a focused UK higher education academic experience strongly linked to accounting in a practical environment and to the role of finance trained staff working in a variety of roles within the economy.

BA (Hons)
Business Management and Human Resource Management

Systems, work processes and regulatory frameworks are fundamental to any business, so too is the management of employees in organisations. This is why the study of business management and human resources management is valuable in contemporary organisations.

BA (Hons)
Politics and International Relations

This course is designed to develop practical skills in research, analysis, negotiation and communication which are all vital to a range of career paths upon graduation.

BA (Hons)
Business Management

Develop the essential skills to work effectively, confidently and responsibly within a wide range of business organisations and corporate functions.

BA (Hons)
Business and Marketing

Develop and gain essential skills in marketing, business and entrepreneurship on an accredited course that allows you to shape your learning to suit your interests

BA (Hons)
International Relations and Politics

In the ever-changing political landscape, through this course you’ll develop an understanding of political events and processes that shape our world, from local to global arenas. This course can be paired with either History, Economics, International Relations or Journalism to create a tailored course that broadens your expertise.

BA (Hons)
Economics and Politics

In the ever-changing political landscape, through this course you’ll develop an understanding of political events and processes that shape our world, from local to global arenas. This course can be paired with either History, Economics, International Relations or Journalism to create a tailored course that broadens your expertise.

LLB (Hons)
Law, Human Rights and Social Justice

If you are passionate about the protection of human rights, this degree course will allow you to gain a comprehensive knowledge of law, while examining how the law intersects with the rights of individuals in matters such as immigration, housing and state benefits.

LLB (Hons)
Law and Criminal Justice

This course will help you understand the workings of the criminal justice system and examine crime, its effect on society, and the strategies the legal profession can develop to prosecute against it.

LLB (Hons)

The Law degree at DMU qualifies and teaches you a combination of academic rigour with projects that put your legal training into practice to develop the skills employers look for.

LLB (Hons)
Business Law

Qualifying business and law degree with modules focusing on commercial law while giving you the opportunity to specialise in an area of your choice

BSc (Hons)
Finance and Investment

Finance and Investment will prepare you to excel in a career within the broad financial sector, including financial management, investment banking and equity trading. The degree programme is designed with special focus on practical perspective and employability orientation.

BSc (Hons)

Develop and build strong transferable skills in quantitative methods and statistical techniques as well as more advanced skills in quantification and evaluation.

BA (Hons)
Public Administration and Management

This degree program is a combination of the study of applied politics with the management of modern society. The course will help you develop the skills and subject knowledge needed to secure a management position in the public sector.

BA (Hons)

In the ever-changing political landscape and field, on this degree course you will gain an understanding of events and issues that shape our world, from local to global.

BA (Hons)

Explore what it takes to deliver industry-standard campaigns. Discover and learn about branding, social media, consumer behaviour and digital marketing communications, and be equipped with the practical skills to pursue a successful professional marketing career.

BA (Hons)
Fashion Buying with Marketing

This versatile degree course, with its emphasis on buying, business and marketing, prepares studnets for a range of careers in the fast-paced fashion industry.

BA (Hons)
Fashion Buying with Merchandising

Choosing to specialise in Fashion Buying with Merchandising will teach you how these specialisms work together and prepare you to enter the dynamic world of fashion retail

BA (Hons)

This contemporary history course you will help you explore, debate and evaluate the key events and ideas that have shaped our world.

BA (Hons)
Human Resource Management

HR managers are central and most responsible for creating a positive workplace culture in organisation. Studying recruitment and employee relations you will develop the skills for this important role

BA (Hons)
International Business

An understanding of how businesses operate in an international context is more important than ever. Gain specialist knowledge of business functions and the complexities of trading across borders.

BA (Hons)
International Relations

Develop and learn how to analyse contemporary events in international politics and develop responses to them.

BA (Hons)
Accounting and Finance

A degree programme that will equip you with the key skills to succeed in the accounting profession, and offers a significant range of exemptions from renowned professional bodies towards qualifications sought after by global organisations.

BA (Hons)
Advertising and Marketing Communications

Explore an in-depth understanding of marketing communications tools and activities, buying behaviour, target audience analysis and campaign planning on this course.

BA (Hons)
Arts and Festivals Management

A visionary and contemporary course designed to prepare students for employment in the quickly expanding and dynamic markets of the cultural industries.

BA (Hons)
Business and Management

Develop the essential skills to work effectively, confidently and responsibly within a wide range of business organisations and corporate functions.

BA (Hons)
Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Gain entrepreneurial and creative skills and apply them to real-life situations on a course that helps prepare you for the working world.

BA (Hons)
Business Management and Economics

This flexible degree course will give you the chance to put your career ambitions front and centre on with a wide range of optional modules covering key principles of business and economics.

BA (Hons)
Accounting and Economics

This course will help you explore the nature, role and processes of accounting and examine how political choices, issues and ideas shape our lives.

BA (Hons)
Accounting and Business Management

Gain a deep understanding of accounting practices and functions embedded within global organisations, and get ready to dive into the competitive, ever-changing world of business.

BSc (Hons)
Psychology with Health and Wellbeing in Society

If you are fascinated by human behaviour and how our minds work this British Psychological Society accredited course is the perfect choice for you, you’ll combine the study of psychology with health and wellbeing to gain a deeper understanding of health issues related to social science.

BSc (Hons)
Psychology with Education Studies

In this British Psychological Society accredited course you’ll learn about the impacts social and human behaviour have in the context of education, combining the study of psychology with the practice and history of education to look at contemporary issues within the sector.

BSc (Hons)
Psychology with Criminology

This course is accredited by the British Psychological Society, the dgeree programme looks at how crime impacts people and society through detailed study of the criminal justice system alongside psychology and human behaviour.

Supporting students to success

Learn more about what our students have to say when studying across our education network.

I have a lot of international friends here at BUIC, and I’ve learnt so much from them. There is always a lot to do together both on and off-campus.

Sagar Nepal, Bangor University International College (BUIC)

I would recommend UGIC because it is based on the main University of Greenwich campus, a cosmopolitan university. At UGIC, there are students from all around the world, and I've made a lot of friends from exciting places."

Gozel Turkmenistan, University of Greenwich International College (UGIC)

I think one of the main reasons the IIM (pre-masters) has been so helpful is because the staff are so supportive and are always able to help me. Whether it is understanding a module or finding out how to sort accommodation, they will help you with everything. I’ve enjoyed studying at Bangor, the people are friendly, and the environment is also really peaceful and safe. It’s given me the best opportunity to succeed in my studies here in the UK.

Tong Tong China, Bangor University International College (BUIC)