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Why Bradford is a great student city

‘Broad Ford’, now known as Bradford, was first settled in Saxon times and by the Middle Ages had become a small town made up of Ivegate, Kirkgate and Westgate. Bradford is now one of the largest cities in the UK, a young, enterprising hub of over half a million people. It is a great student city – it’s friendly, affordable and there is always something to do. Your pathway to the university of […]

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How to write a personal statement for your university application

For all university applications, wherever in the world you are applying, you need to write a personal statement. But what is a personal statement and how can it help?

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5 Things you should do before starting University

University is a new and exciting chapter but can be stressful if you go in unprepared. You are currently packing your essentials for your new accommodation, reading more about your selected course and trying to research all the fun things to do around your university campus. Here is some guidance on things you may not […]

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