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Located in the city of San Francisco across two campuses, San Francisco State University (SF State) is one of the most desirable places to study in America.

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Located in the city of San Francisco across two campuses, San Francisco State University (SF State) is one of the most desirable places to study in America.

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San Francisco State University 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, CA 94132

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The International Year One offers a mix of credit-bearing SF State courses and non-credit courses designed to boost your English language study skills.

Pre-Sessional English

The Pre-Sessional English program is designed to enhance your comprehension and usage of the English language and academic skills required for university-level studies. After successfully completing the assigned Pre-Sessional term(s), students will progress to the International Year One Pathway Program (IY1). Upon successful completion of IY1, students will be admitted to SF State.

International Year One

The International Year One Pathway Program allows students to take credited SF State preparation courses alongside additional academic and English language instruction. The combination of courses you take depends on your level of English language skills at the outset:

Through the College of Liberal & Creative Arts students will be prepared for an increasingly global culture in which they will influence contemporary spaces, media, and social interactions.

SFSU / IY1 / Liberal and Creative Arts

The core values of the GCOE are reflected in the SF State Strategic Plan: Courage, Life of the Mind, Equity, Community, and Resilience. These values resonate with the GCOE and our commitment to social justice. We embrace these five values and have adapted them to align with the mission of the GCOE.

SFSU / IY1 / Education

A public urban business school that applies sustainability and ethical perspectives to the understanding of business practice, global leadership, innovation, the economy, and society.

SFSU / IY1 / Business

The College is committed to innovative teaching, scholarship, and service that inspires leadership for positive social change.

SFSU / IY1 / Health and Social Sciences

The College of Science and Engineering is committed to providing superior scientific, engineering, and mathematical education in the context of a major urban university with a liberal arts tradition.

SFSU / IY1 / Science and Engineering

The College of Ethnic Studies embraces racial difference and diversity through the coursers and on-campus.

SFSU / IY1 / Ethic Studies

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Life at San Francisco State University

Whatever your passions, you’ll never run out of ways to get involved at SF State.

Clubs and Activities

There are more than 200 clubs, focused on everything from politics to sports and religious organisations.

Extra-curricular activities are a great chance to build deeper connections with your peers by participating in smaller communities based on mutual interests. They can add a great deal to your time at SF State and can even help give you a broader perspective on your studies!


Whether you play competitive sport or simply want to try out a new pastime, there is a club for everyone at SF State. Whatever your confidence level every SF State student the opportunity to enjoy and take part in sports. The university is ranked 3rd in the US for intramural (intra-university) sports, but is also active in external competitions.

San Francisco State University

Studying in San Francisco is the experience of a lifetime - and it provides opportunities no other city can.

University Info

Located in the city of San Francisco across two campuses, San Francisco State University (SF State) is one of the most desirable places to study in America.

Degree Courses

Discover the range of courses the San Francisco State University can offer you.

What student support does San Francisco State University offer?

From the moment you arrive at SF State, the Career Services and Leadership Development Center can help transform you into a highly employable professional.

These include a fall and spring careers fair, a part-time job fair, and a graduate school fair. SF State University also offer a wide variety of workshops to all current students and alumni.

Part of Career and Leadership Development’s (CLD) mission is to develop visionary, goal-driven and action-oriented student leaders. Students will develop lifelong skills through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communications, practical knowledge and career preparation.

Collaborations with strategic partners like Genentech and the CSU Entertainment Alliance create many opportunities for students in the state’s top industries.

SF State offers a wide array of special enrichment programs to help students gain the skills necessary to excel in the job market. A few of these programs include the President’s Leadership Fellows Program (PLFP).

Part of the Career Service & Leadership Development Center’s mission is to develop visionary, goal-driven and actionoriented student leaders. Because there is no one-sizefits- all leadership style, we aim to empower each student with the ability to access their own unique identity as a leader. Students will develop lifelong skills through character development, creative and critical thinking, interpersonal communication, practical knowledge and career preparation.

Key Dates and Fees

International Year One Key Dates
Intake Admissions
Arrival to
SF State
Start Date
Fall 2024 Jul 1, 2024 Aug 17, 2024 Aug 19, 2024
Spring 2025 Dec 2, 2024 Jan 18, 2025 Jan 21, 2025
Summer 2025 Apr 15, 2025 PSE: May 28, 2025

UP: Jun 1, 2025

PSE: May 29, 2025

UP: Jun 2, 2025

 *Key dates for PSE and UP are the same except for arrival and program start dates in the Summer 2025 term, which are indicated in the table above.

Pre-Sessional English Tuition Fees

Pre-Sessional costs vary by term and by the number of terms assigned:

  • Fall 2024: $5995/term
  • Spring 2025: $5995/ term
  • Summer 2025: $3995/term

Your invoice total will also include your University Pathway Program Costs.

University Pathway Fees

• IELTS 5.0 Entry: $28,500
• IELTS 5.5 Entry: $26,000

Example Bundled Pricing for International Year One
IELTS Exam Score Pre-Sessional
English # of
# of Terms
IY1 # of
Total IY1
Tuition Fees Spring 2024 Intake*
4.0 2 2 4 $40,490
4.5 1 2 3 $34,495
5.0 N/A 2 2 $28,500
5.5 N/A 2 2 $26,000

*The tuition list is current for 2024- 2025 and will be subject to increase each year.

*Prices of PSE terms vary for Summer 2025

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Supporting students to success

Learn more about what our students have to say when studying across our education network.

As DMUIC is situated in England’s most vibrant and multicultural city, I had the opportunity to make friends from different countries. The most amazing thing was that the DMUIC staff including all teachers and the office persons were very motivational and welcoming. They provide the best routes for study to every individual.”

Syed Asim Hussain Pakistan, De Montfort University International College (DMUIC)

I’ve enjoyed studying at DMUIC, the tutors are excellent and have helped me settle into life as a university student. They are also really supportive and have helped myself and other students with other issues outside of the classroom such as accommodation.

Nafisa Bangladesh, De Montfort University International College (DMUIC)

I have successfully progressed onto my degree course at the University of Bradford because of UBIC's reliable policies and teaching programme. To the new students, those who just started their foundation at Bradford International College, I must say you are going to pass the class, the only thing required is your attention and leave the rest on UBIC's staff because they are the one that are going to lead you to a brilliant future as it is a pathway to success.

Shoaib Khan Pakistan, University of Bradford International College (UBIC)

I have a lot of international friends here at BUIC, and I’ve learnt so much from them. There is always a lot to do together both on and off-campus.

Sagar Nepal, Bangor University International College (BUIC)

I would recommend UGIC because it is based on the main University of Greenwich campus, a cosmopolitan university. At UGIC, there are students from all around the world, and I've made a lot of friends from exciting places."

Gozel Turkmenistan, University of Greenwich International College (UGIC)

I think one of the main reasons the IIM (pre-masters) has been so helpful is because the staff are so supportive and are always able to help me. Whether it is understanding a module or finding out how to sort accommodation, they will help you with everything. I’ve enjoyed studying at Bangor, the people are friendly, and the environment is also really peaceful and safe. It’s given me the best opportunity to succeed in my studies here in the UK.

Tong Tong China, Bangor University International College (BUIC)

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