Prepare for your visa interview

As part of your Student Visa application, you may be asked to attend an interview with a UKVI caseworker. Interviews are conducted via video link to the UK and usually take place at your local Visa Application Centre.

UKVI will use your interview to check that you are a genuine student. The interview is nothing to be concerned about – all you have to do is be confident, honest, and tell the truth. However, it helps to be as prepared as possible.

During your interview, you will be asked a series of questions. Your answers should be as reflective as possible, so make sure you have thought about what you want to say in advance.

You should expect to be asked about:

  • The university you have chosen for your studies
  • Your programme
  • Why you want to attend your chosen university
  • Why you want to come to the UK
  • How you made your decision, and whether you applied to any other university
  • Where you plan to live
  • How you will finance your studies

The interview will be conducted in English and you are expected to be able to communicate without the need for a translator.

We have produced a useful interview guide to help you prepare for your interview. Please take time to read this in advance.

Practice UKVI Interview

To help you prepare for your interview, we may ask you to undertake a practice interview with one of our team before you will be issued a CAS.

This practice interview is designed to help prepare you for your real interview with UKVI and will follow a similar format. To make this interview as genuine as possible, we will conduct it over Teams.

If you are required to undertake a practice UKVI interview, this will take place after you have an unconditional offer or have paid your required deposit. You will be provided with a link which will allow you to book an interview slot that suits your availability.

You should read our interview guide to help you prepare for your interview. Please ensure you read this in advance of your practice interview.

After the interview, we will review your answers and come back to you with some feedback on its outcome. If we have concerns about any of your answers, we reserve the right to withdraw your application, making you ineligible for a CAS.

Please note that we do not require all applicants to have a practice interview.