Practice UKVI Interview Guidance

As part of the visa application process, UKVI will undertake a Credibility interview with most student visa applicants before granting them with a student visa to the UK.

Our practice UKVI Interview is designed to help prepare you for this interview with the UKVI.

We will ask you a series of questions on a range of topics, with examples listed below, your answers should be reflective, as we will ask you about your course, where you want to study and your reasons for studying in the UK.

As the interview will be conducted in English, we would expect you to be able to communicate at the correct level to be understood clearly.

If we feel you will not be able to prove to the UKVI that you are a genuine student with an intention to study, we reserve the right to refuse to issue you with a CAS to apply for a student visa.

About your chosen University?

  • Think about why you chose the UK rather than your home country.
  • Think about what attracted you to study at the university you have chosen and how you found out about them.

Some useful information can be found on the UKCISA website:

Your Course

  • Think about what specifically there is about this course that made you choose it.
  • If the course you plan to study is at a similar academic level to previous studies, be prepared to explain how it represents progression and whether it has a vocational focus?
  • Think about what campus your course will be taught at and where it is located.


  • Think about the different types of accommodation that is available to you and where you will be staying. Take into consideration the locality of the accommodation in relation to your chosen university.


  • Think about the modes of transport available. Think about how you would get to and from the campus and how much this would cost.


  • This question is to check how you would be funding your studies and that your funds are genuinely available to you for your studies. You will need to submit proof of your finances as part of your application, so you need to ensure you are clear about the source and availability of these funds. Also think about how you would plan to fund the subsequent years if your chosen course is longer than 1 year. Think about the origin of the money and how much your parent(s) earn if they are financially supporting you.

Also take into consideration the UKVI guidance on working in the UK whilst studying .

Future Plans

  • Think about how the knowledge and skills you will gain will help you with the type of work you hope to do. Think about the type of job you expect to be doing and what the salary would be.

Other areas to consider:

  • If you have previously studied in the UK, think about how the new programme relates to previous studies and how it might build on your previous learning.
  • If you have had a long break, think about how you would explain your decision in the context of your long-term career plans.
  • If you are bringing dependants, think about how you would support them.

You have been chosen

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