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Student Success: From IYZ to Artist in Residence at DMU

Congratulations to our De Montfort University International College (DMUIC) student Parneet Pahwa for securing Artist in Residence at De Montfort University (DMU)!

Congratulations to our De Montfort University International College (DMUIC) student Parneet Pahwa for securing Artist in Residence at De Montfort University (DMU)!

Parneet started her academic journey with DMUIC on the International Year Zero Art & Design course and after successfully completing her pathway, she progressed onto the Design Crafts BA (Hons) degree at DMU.

The artist in residence scheme awards graduates’ year-long access to the university’s cutting-edge facilities after graduation. Graduates get free access to the workshops where they can find a fantastic range of specialist tools and continue to be part of the diverse creative community at DMU while having access to expert technical support from DMU tutors. This scheme is an excellent opportunity for graduates to hone their craft ahead of embarking on their career.

To celebrate this achievement, we reached out to Parneet and asked her all the important questions so you too, can have a chance to excel in your studies and access the opportunities your learning journey can provide.

Why did you choose to study with DMUIC?

Since a young age, I have enjoyed being creative and doing work that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The International Year Zero at DMUIC in Art & Design was my first introduction to formal art studies. The course helped me understand what it is like to do an art degree in the UK, introduced me to art and design concepts while still giving me hands-on experience which proved to be an excellent foundation for my Hons at DMU. And because the college is at the DMU campus it felt like the best place to do a Year Zero.

How did studying the IYZ at DMUIC prepared you for university?

Being in the UK. The modules were structured in a way that eased the transition from A levels to st an international student, DMUIC helped me settle in a new country and understand the culture before starting university, helping me with skills like academic writing and personal development while continuing to work on personal projects and getting inducted into more techniques, giving a true flavour of what was in store for me for when I start my degree.

Give us a highlight of the great things you have accomplished and the opportunities available to you during your IYZ and degree at DMU.

Over the past 4 years at DMU, I have had the chance to be a course rep, an ADH brand ambassador, and a telemarketing ambassador which helped me support my peers and prospective students. Being at university gave me a chance to network with people in my industry, exhibit at local galleries, work on live briefs with companies like Sainsbury’s and gain expertise in not just technical skills but digital and personal skills as well, getting me ready to put myself in the real world as an artist. Having graduated, my highlight at the university has to be this year-long residency that gives me a chance to continue using the workshops and faculty for free while supporting my juniors with CAD and designing, still being able to be part of the university. I’m saying ‘yes’ to everything and taking advantage of every opportunity I can. I’m already learning so many skills which are opening even more options for my career as a designer-maker.

Thank you, Parneet! And best of luck! We are sure we’ll have more to update on Parneet’s career very soon but what about you?

DMUIC has a variety of academic preparation programmes and English courses that are proven to help international students prepare for and transition to a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

To discover which course best suits your needs visit the De Montfort University International College page or you can chat with one of our current students and find out first-hand how DMUIC can help you kick start your studies.

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