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Why Mercy University New York?

Mercy University New York is a renowned higher education institution known for its diversity, affordability and mouth-watering mix of liberal arts and professional degree programs, all delivered in the ‘Big Apple’ – one of the most vibrant cities in the world. Mercy has a simple goal – enable those with a passion to get ahead. […]

Mercy University New York is a renowned higher education institution known for its diversity, affordability and mouth-watering mix of liberal arts and professional degree programs, all delivered in the ‘Big Apple’ – one of the most vibrant cities in the world.

Mercy has a simple goal – enable those with a passion to get ahead. Recognised for high-quality learning and innovative programs to help students achieve success, Mercy University is proud of its affordability, online excellence, and the quality of student and academic programs. In 2022, it received the ‘Best College’ award for three of the last four years running (2019-2021) by Westchester Magazine.

Study in an incredible city

New York is one of the most well-known travel locations globally, with magnificent buildings, a rich cultural history, and a diverse population. It’s a fast-paced, vibrant city that radiates an energy that is best experienced in person.

From a robust culinary scene to larger-than-life attractions, there’s plenty to explore across the five boroughs of Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island and The Bronx. New York City is a busy and booming location as one of the world’s top financial hubs. Be part of the
‘American dream’ of opportunity and self-determination, packed with limitless possibilities.

It’s truly the bustling heart of business, culture and education on the US eastern seaboard.

Three modern campuses

Mercy University has three campuses. Dobbs Ferry is on the banks of the Hudson River and features modern facilities, including a stunning central library with approximately 215,000 books. The Bronx Campus is nestled in the Hutchinson Metro Centre, with easy access to the subway and buses.

The newest campus, MercyManhattan sits at the electric centre of the city, with famous landmarks and household names all over the island. The Rockefeller Center, Broadway, Central Park, and Times Square are within walking distance. With easy access to transit around Manhattan and further, it’s quick and easy to get to campus.

MercyManhattan campus

MercyManhattan campus

MercyManhattan is a brand-new campus that opened in 2019, where students have a bustling, diverse cultural life and a vibrant youth scene. Located on 34th Street at Herald Square, MercyManhattan offers high-tech spaces and facilities across 95,000 square feet and a towering spectacle of the 102-storey Empire State Building just outside your front door to make your study at Mercy University a fantastic experience. No matter the time, there is never a shortage of things to do in Manhattan. Well-connected and densely populated, Manhattan is a city living at its core.

The comforts of home in midtown Manhattan

Living in Dorm 34, a newly renovated Manhattan campus will create many exciting memories for those who crave campus life and that ‘classic’ New York City experience.

You will get access to many benefits of living on campus – community lounges, dining services, computer labs and library study space, all in the middle of the most fantastic city in the world.

On-campus living can present endless opportunities for you to make friends with your peers in or near your living spaces. In addition, you will significantly minimise the stress of commuting in the new city you plan to explore. What’s more, you will have your local resident advisor who will be able to support and help you transition to living on campus.

However, if you wish to become a part of ‘living-learning’ communities, New York City has almost limitless possibilities for accommodation, connected to the campus by one of the best transit networks in the world.

Enjoy life at Mercy

The photograph was taken at Mercy University in Bronxville New York

At Mercy University Manhattan, you have a chance to get involved in over 50 student clubs, including Mercy’s award-winning student paper, The Impact, and 15 honour societies.

Whether you are interested in art, cultural, professional development, sports, religious or social activities, Mercy University has something for you.

Joining a club or a society will enable you to connect to a peer group with similar interests. You will get an insight into other countries’ cultures, values, thinking processes and views. The connections that you make here can also lead to life-long relationships.

You will undoubtedly learn new skills, experience, and knowledge. In addition, you will be able to experience personal growth and discover your passion in a much more diverse environment.

And remember that Mercy University has three locations in New York, so the Dobbs Ferry and Bronx campuses are never far away from becoming a part of your larger community, bonding with more people and having fun.

Mercy cares for you and your career

Mercy University is committed to providing a dynamic and diverse learning environment that brings people from all over the world together.

From the first day, you are accepted into Mercy University until your graduation, you will be assigned a personal mentor who can advise and inspire you to help you reach your full potential. Additionally, the mentorship program will play a key role in helping you navigate the twists and turns of your time at Mercy University.

Your mentor is always there to help you choose the right major, understand degree requirements, and register for classes, track your academic progress, develop leadership skills, and discuss your career dreams and how to get there.

All Mercy University degrees are designed to give students the best chance in their chosen careers. The wide range of career support services, including career advice, work placements, resources, and entry-level jobs to help build your CV and professional networks.  The college also offers students part-time opportunities inside the institution, such as student ambassadors’ roles.


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