Bachelor of Philosophy/Bachelor of Theology

Do you have a desire to pursue religious education or expand your knowledge of philosophy and theology? The Bachelor of Philosophy/Bachelor of Theology double degree at The University of Notre Dame Australia will engage you in subjects as diverse as Sacramental and Moral Theology, Critical Thinking, Metaphysics and Philosophy of the Human Person.

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Key Facts



() Bachelor of Philosophy/Bachelor of Theology

Degree Duration

5 Years :


Start Dates

February | July

Degree Overview

You will be provided with a comprehensive education in philosophy and theology within the Western tradition of thought and graduate knowing how to think, reason and argue at an advanced level – skills that are in high demand along any career path you choose and in all walks of life. This double degree provides an opportunity to study these interrelated disciplines within the context of the Catholic University and Catholic Tradition. Modelled on the Ratio for Australia and in response to the 2011 Decree on the Reform of Ecclesiastical Studies of Philosophy, this program offers a unique chance to all students to follow the requirements for seminarians and those pursuing religious education.

The Bachelor of Philosophy/Bachelor of Theology epitomises The University of Notre Dame Australia’s commitment to Catholic principles of thought as it combines a detailed study of philosophy and theology.

Designed to be completed over five years of full-time study, this comprehensive degree investigates the history of Western philosophy as it constantly engages with ideas of theological significance. You will delve into foundational philosophical principles while simultaneously exploring the teachings and traditions of the Church in Catholic Theology.

This degree will take you from the beginnings of Western thought in ancient philosophy through the medieval and modern periods so that you can grapple with contemporary philosophical and theological issues.

The study of theology takes you to the heart of the Catholic tradition so that you learn about the development of the Church. You will be encouraged to reflect philosophically and theologically, using appropriate methods that enable investigation of the history of ideas, up to the present day, and Scripture and Tradition, to contemplate the Trinity, the life and teachings of Christ, and ways in which faith and reason constantly work together and enrich each other.

Upon graduation, you may pursue various careers, including academic research, teaching, foreign affairs, public administration, policy development, advocacy, social work, journalism, advertising, Church ministry and politics.

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  • Available in Perth only

Why Study this Degree

Graduate job-ready with industry-specific skills and knowledge

Benefit from a unique, personalised approach to education and pastoral care

Lecturers are industry professionals and leaders in their field

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University of Notre Dame Australia is a multi campus university, with international campuses in bustling Sydney and the historic City of Fremantle, Perth (CRICOS: 01032F)

The University of Notre Dame Australia is a multi-campus university, with international campuses in bustling Sydney and the historic City of Fremantle, Perth.

Notre Dame has a strong commitment to honouring the individual,  and recognises that each student is graced with their own gifts and talents. Notre Dame believes that higher education should prepare students for a rich, fulfilling and reflective life, not just a career path.

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