Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science

Scientific minds are curious, questioning the status quo and looking for new answers and ways of thinking. Similarly, legal professionals espouse that same sense of enquiry, constantly searching for innovative ways to solve legal problems. When you undertake a Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science at The University of Notre Dame Australia, you have the opportunity to explore the many synergies between these two exciting fields.

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Key Facts



() Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science

Degree Duration

5 .5 Years :


Start Dates

February | July

Degree Overview

The field of science is continuously evolving, with areas such as genetics, biotechnology, public health and safety underpinned by a rigorous legal framework. Designed to be completed over five years of full-time study, the combined Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science is perfect if you wish to combine your love of the law with your passion for science.

When you undertake the legal component of your degree, you will receive an education plan in collaboration with some of Australia’s top judges, barristers and solicitors. A focus on experiential learning also means that you have multiple opportunities to develop valuable skills such as public speaking, advocacy, dispute resolution and mooting.

The scientific elements of your double degree are equally practical. Over your studies, you will complete five core Science courses and seven courses to form a Science stream in Biology & Environment, Environment & Heritage, Human & Medical Science or Multidisciplinary Science. You will then undertake a Science Internship in your third year to develop your skills in data analysis and research.

Held over six weeks, this industry placement assigns you to a government department or private organisation in Western Australia, nationally or internationally, where you are expected to apply the expertise you have gained so far. See Bachelor of Science for more details.

As a graduate of the Bachelor of Laws/Bachelor of Science, you will gain a sound practical and theoretical understanding of both scientific and legal disciplines. As such, graduates can expect employment in various roles, including pharmaceutical and biotechnical research and development, environmental regulation, scientific patents and more.

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Why Study this Degree

Graduate job-ready with industry-specific skills and knowledge

Benefit from a unique, personalised approach to education and pastoral care

Lecturers are industry professionals and leaders in their field

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University of Notre Dame Australia is a multi campus university, with international campuses in bustling Sydney and the historic City of Fremantle, Perth (CRICOS: 01032F)

The University of Notre Dame Australia is a multi-campus university, with international campuses in bustling Sydney and the historic City of Fremantle, Perth.

Notre Dame has a strong commitment to honouring the individual,  and recognises that each student is graced with their own gifts and talents. Notre Dame believes that higher education should prepare students for a rich, fulfilling and reflective life, not just a career path.

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