Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Behavioural Science

Are you passionate about teaching and guiding secondary students through their formative teenage years? The University of Notre Dame Australia’s Bachelor of Education (Secondary) / Bachelor of Behavioural Science degree will give you qualifications to work with students aged 12 - 17.

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() Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Behavioural Science

Degree Duration

5 .5 Years :


Start Dates

February | July

Degree Overview

If your ambition is to teach in a secondary school environment, you will be well-prepared with our five-year Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Behavioural Science degree. It is a well-rounded undergraduate program that combines theory, the latest teaching technology, and plenty of hands-on classroom experience. Working from a rigorous and practical curriculum, you will acquire the academic skills to teach secondary school students.

In addition, you will be required to choose one major teaching area such as English, Humanities and Social Sciences, Mathematics, Science or Religious Education. You will complete eight courses in your chosen major area, plus four courses in your chosen area of specialisation.

The Bachelor of Behavioural Science component of the double degree combines elements of psychology, political science, cultural studies, and sociology. Integrating specialised knowledge developed in these social science disciplines with a strong focus on critical psychology forges a connection between traditional psychology and social work. As a result, you will have the skills to work with the marginalised or disadvantaged in education and non-education settings.

The 32 weeks of supervised teaching (practicum) experience is integral to your degree. This is divided into two weeks of classroom immersion and teacher assistance in your first year; one term with a particular focus on your Learning Area Major in your second and third years; one term with a special focus on your Learning Area Specialisation in your third year; and an internship in your final year which focuses on both your Learning Area Major and Specialisation, as well as Religious Education if you have chosen to complete your accreditation to teach Religious Education.

Our degree will provide the academic skills you need to support, engage, and extend secondary school children by integrating theory and practice.

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  • CRICOS code: 045121G
  • Education students who select the WA birth-eight program pathway must pass the National Literacy and Numeracy Test for Initial Teacher Education Students (LANTITE). The Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) administer the test externally. Students must register, pay for the test and pass this to graduate from the program.
  • Available in Perth only

Why Study this Degree

Graduate job-ready with industry-specific skills and knowledge

Benefit from a unique, personalised approach to education and pastoral care

Lecturers are industry professionals and leaders in their field

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University of Notre Dame Australia is a multi campus university, with international campuses in bustling Sydney and the historic City of Fremantle, Perth (CRICOS: 01032F)

The University of Notre Dame Australia is a multi-campus university, with international campuses in bustling Sydney and the historic City of Fremantle, Perth.

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