Computing and Digital Technologies

BSc Computing and Digital Technologies offers a comprehensive computing education and excellent career prospects in the ever-growing world of IT.

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BSc (Hons) Computing and Digital Technologies

Degree Duration

3 years :

Full time

4 years :

Full time with additional placement year


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Degree Overview

Looking for a comprehensive understanding of computing? Our BSc Computing and Digital Technologies offers students a broad education and is an excellent option for those still undecided about their future career path.

Throughout this course, students will gain a full education in computing, with a focus on fundamental skills in programming, systems administration, data, interface design, and cybersecurity.

Students will have the opportunity to engage with a variety of roles in IT support, utilising low code/no code techniques to automate business processes. Students will also develop skills in digital media with modules covering digital methods and web design. During their final year project, students will explore usability aspects in computing, data visualization, human user interaction, cyber security, and risk management.

Our courses use an active blended learning approach, with lectures are replaced by videos and workshop/seminars, meaning students can engage with the material at their own pace. Our innovative studio-style lab spaces foster collaborative learning, providing students with an environment in which they can feel at home.

This course is also designed to prepare students for success upon graduation. Employability is embedded throughout the curriculum, with a focus on both hard (technology-based) and soft skills (supporting).

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This course is subject to validation for Sept 24 entry