Games Design

This multi-disciplinary game making course* will provide you with the fundamental skills to work in this fast-moving industry. You will work with state-of-the-art technologies and production methods to develop key skills in games making. Explore the likes of games mechanics, player psychology and games narratives and have the flexibility choose your own specialism.

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Key Facts



BA (Hons) Games Design

Degree Duration

3 Years


Start Dates


Degree Overview

Why study this course?

  • Develop key skills in narrative and story telling
  • Prepares you for a career as a games maker, either in the AAA or independent markets
  • Enables you to contextualise the role design plays in storytelling and game playing
  • Specialise within the games design discipline in an area that best suits your unique skillset
  • Build a critical language and apply this to games and games design
  • Apply and utilise games technologies to respond to changes in the development landscape quickly and confidently.

Key study topics:

  • Game engine technologies
  • Scripting
  • Production methodologies (Scrum, Lean, Waterfall)
  • Development cycles
  • Concepting and ideation
  • Prototyping
  • Documentation
  • 2D/3D art pipelines
  • Character design
  • Environment design
  • Games culture and studies
  • Game design fundamentals
  • Team working
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Why Study this Degree

A work-based learning module in year two will enhance your industry awareness and enable you to build your network before you even graduate.

you will learn core mechanical and narrative skills across three industry specialisms: World building and narrative, games and level design and technical design

You will leave Ravensbourne with an extensive knowledge of games design and the collaborative and entrepreneurial skills needed to thrive in varied roles within the creative industries.

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