Erasmus Mundus: Human Rights Policy and Practice

This two-year programme is designed for postgraduates who want to make a significant contribution to the human rights agenda internationally.

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MA(Hons) Erasmus Mundus: Human Rights Policy and Practice


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Degree Overview

This two-year, full-time programme is taught in the UK, Sweden and Spain, and will prepare you for an international career in the protection of human rights.

Our programme has a strong emphasis on professional development. This programme is designed for postgraduates who want to make a significant contribution to the human rights agenda internationally with civil society organisations, governments, and the public and private sectors. You will be exposed to legal, political, sociological and anthropological approaches to human rights promotion and protection in a globalised world.

Partners in this programme include the University of Roehampton (London, UK), Göteborgs universitet (Göteborg, Sweden) and Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao, Spain). As well as teaching and research of the highest standards, they offer specialist expertise in human rights law, the rights of indigenous peoples and research methods.

At the centre of the programme is an attention to human rights practice in the areas of gender, childhood and religion. You will gain a thorough understanding of human rights issues through using an academic multidisciplinary approach and the application of human rights theory and practice in relation to law, sociology, social anthropology, international relations, civil society and political science.

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You may incur additional costs during your education at the University over and above tuition fees in an academic year such as laptops, Stationary and additional resources.

Why Study this Degree

Students go on to work in national and international government and non-governmental agencies, think tanks and the media.

You will be able to articulate human rights issues from a variety of perspectives, to apply theory from different fields and disciplines, to discuss and assess the strengths and weaknesses of different perspectives and critically evaluate how these perspectives can be used by different actors, agencies and stakeholders.

You will start off studying at the Göteborgs universitet (Gothenburg, Sweden) from August to January, then from February to July at the Universidad de Deusto (Bilbao, Spain), and from September to December here at Roehampton. From December to June, you'll have the opportunity to study in the most appropriate country to your dissertation subject area