Games Development

A degree in Games Development prepares you for the technical end of this exciting entertainment industry. This course provides you with opportunities in the games industry, related research and development companies, as well as other screen industries such as VFX and complex data visualisation.

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Key Facts



BSc (Hons) Games Development

Degree Duration

4 Years :

1 Year Pathway + 3 Year Degree

3 Years :

1 Year Pathway + 2 Year Degree


Pathways Available

International Stage One | International Stage Two


Start Dates

April | January | September

Degree Overview

This course will enable you to become a proficient game developer and open doors to may game developer job opportunities. On successful completion of this programme, you will have the knowledge, understanding and skills to gain graduate-level employment in games development and the software industry in general. Your studies are designed to provide entry into the core software engineering layer of the digital entertainment industry. From here, you will be able to progress into a wide range of career paths, both technical and managerial. Based on sound software engineering principles, the course will also equip you for a software engineering career in the wider computing industry.

At the beginning of the course you will gain practical experience of software development using object-oriented programming, as well as an understanding of how software systems are used in businesses, and methods to build effective user interfaces. You are then taught key methods of software engineering used in industry, while expanding your knowledge of areas such as databases and operating systems.

The later years of the course focus on the key skills required by industry, such as project management, secure software development, and techniques to facilitate software evolution.  You will also gain experience of emerging areas such as artificial intelligence, and software engineering for safety critical systems. At this stage you will be able to design and develop large-scale software systems, and be able to choose appropriate methodologies to do so.

This programme is accredited by ScreenSkills, an industry-led skills body for the screen industries.

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You may incur additional costs during your education at the University over and above tuition fees in an academic year such as laptops, stationary and additional resources.

How you’ll be taught during your degree

Lectures and tutorials.

Degree Assessments

Mixture of practical assessments, development reports, academic essays, and exams.

Why Study this Degree

This programme is accredited by ScreenSkills, an industry-led skills body for the screen industries.

Get access to our purpose-built labs with industry-relevant equipment.

Your Pathways

The IS1 is the first year of a four year International Incorporated Bachelors. And its designed to strengthen your English language abilities and introduce core concepts and knowledge required at university study level.  Once you have successfully completed your studies you will continue the remaining stages of your degree directly with the University of your choice.

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The International Stage Two is the perfect pathway if you want a undergraduate degree from a Scottish University but do not meet the requirements for direct entry.

The IS2 course provides an intensive combination of first year University subject modules with English language skills.

Following successful completion of the IS2 you will continue onto your second year degree study directly with the University of your choice.

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