Financial Services

We developed this programme to meet the financial sector’s increasing demand for skilled graduates. The course provides students with up-to-date and relevant learning experiences, whilst equally developing the skills necessary to excel in the modern workforce.

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Key Facts



BA (Hons) Financial Services

Degree Duration

4 Years :

1 Year Pathway + 3 Year Degree


Pathways Available

International Stage One


Start Dates

April | January | September

Degree Overview

You will study a range of Modules which are designed to:

Provide a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the operations and issues inherent in the UK and international financial markets, including issues related to their regulation and control.

Support this knowledge by developing the ability to use relevant theory and analytical techniques in the investigation of financially-centred issues. Instil a sound knowledge of the legal, organisational, financial and technological environment relevant to the sector, and to develop skills in these areas as appropriate.

Integrate learning into an analytical, problem-solving, creative approach in relation to the challenges and changes facing the financial services sector and its role in the wider economy.

Develop inter-personal and transferable skills which will enable graduates to contribute effectively in business situations or in broader policy-making and regulatory environments.
Promote initiative and enterprise by providing opportunities for students to take responsibility for their own learning.

You will be given the opportunity to acquire and develop many valuable practical skills such as the ability to collect, analyse, interpret and understand data and information. On completing this programme you will have been given opportunities to gain an appreciation of the value of education to society and to you as an individual.

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You may incur additional costs during your education at the University over and above tuition fees in an academic year such as laptops, stationary and additional resources.

How you’ll be taught during your degree

This is mostly formal lectures to cover the underlying issues and theory. The tutorials involve a more detailed examination of these issues and tend to be linked to how they are applied in practice in real world situations.

Degree Assessments

Mixture of practical assessments, development reports, academic essays, and exams.

Why Study this Degree

Students from the course typically begin their career within the financial services sector shortly after graduating or use their qualification to progress into postgraduate studies.

Your Pathways

The IS1 is the first year of a four year International Incorporated Bachelors. And its designed to strengthen your English language abilities and introduce core concepts and knowledge required at university study level.  Once you have successfully completed your studies you will continue the remaining stages of your degree directly with the University of your choice.

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