Barrister Training Course (PGDL)

Our Barrister Training Course covers the integrated knowledge and skills necessary to pass your relevant assessments, including centralised assessments set by the Bar Standards Board (BSB) and helping you to secure pupillage and become a barrister.

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Key Facts



() Barrister Training Course (PGDL)

Degree Duration

9 Months


Start Dates

January | September

Degree Overview

You will complete Preparing for Pupillage 1 and 2, which are designed to reflect the level and standard of work you can expect to encounter during your first and second six of pupillage. You will learn in the context of realistic case studies, many of which are based on real cases that our experienced tutors have dealt with in practice.

Preparing for Pupillage 1:

You will follow the typical life cycle of civil cases. You will thematically study civil litigation and evidence, which will be integrated with submission advocacy and drafting and the pervasive skills of legal research, case analysis, as well as professional ethics.

Through face-to-face workshops, you will experience how a barrister’s procedural knowledge works hand-in-hand with the use of skills.

Preparing for Pupillage 2:

You will continue to develop the knowledge and skills required to be an effective pupil barrister, while following the typical life cycle of criminal cases. You will study criminal themes, each of which integrates with the oral skills of conference, cross examination and examination-in-chief.

You will attend workshops in each of the aforementioned oral skills and simulate life in practice by meeting with the client at various stages of proceedings and then conducting the witness handling in the client’s trial.

The opinion writing and legal research module comprises several workshops based on common and commercial law cases, ensuring that you experience a wide variety of practice areas. The work replicates the type of work you will encounter in practice.

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Learn in our London Holborn study centre, in the heart of legal London.

Gain practical legal work experience by working with real clients through our award-winning Pro Bono Centre.

Taught by leading experts, with almost all our tutors having at least one doctorate and practical experience in several jurisdictions

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