Management with Project Management

With an opportunity to gain real-world experience, our MSc Management with Project Management programme builds the skills needed to deliver projects and manage effectively in the modern world.

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Key Facts



MSc (Hons) Management with Project Management


Degree Duration

12 Months

18 Months (with PDP)


Start Dates

April | August | December | February | January | October | September

Degree Overview

By developing the experience needed to manage efficiently, and combining it with a specialist project management focus, this programme aligns your skillset to key senior roles across many sectors.

This course has been developed in conjunction with a range of business sectors, it will help prepare you for a successful career with a project management focus.

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  • If you meet all the requirements for direct admission to this university, you won’t need to join a pathway course before you apply.

Why Study this Degree

Teaches the core knowledge and competencies of modern management theories, including how to apply these in practice using appropriate data tools and techniques

Prepares graduates for the highest standard of management-level positions while improving independence, self-direction and development.

Informed by industry and expert practitioners