Management with Data Analytics

The ability to use data that can manage and drive a business forward is crucial in a modern organisation. Our programme has been developed to help you gain a core understanding of modern management theories while learning how to apply these to practical management activities.

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Key Facts



MSc (Hons) Management with Data Analytics


Degree Duration

12 Months

18 Months (with PDP)


Start Dates

April | August | February | January | October | September

Degree Overview

With more data generated every day, businesses now have the ability to leverage data to make informed decisions. The MSc Management with Data Analytics develops future leaders who can bring data skills and insights to their profession. It prepares graduates for the management level positions we expect them to achieve, along with a solid understanding of how to interpret data and communicate insights with visualisation tools.

There is also an extended 18-month option with Professional Development Planning (PDP) which offers additional skills workshops, employability activities and opportunities for practical training.

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  • If you meet all the requirements for direct admission to this university, you won’t need to join a pathway course before you apply.

Why Study this Degree

Enhances opportunities and employability in a range of areas such as management consultancy, business analyst, data, marketing and operations

Experience using various data tools, techniques and theories to undertake practical data and analytical activities that add value to any business

Informed by industry and expert practitioners