Psychology with Neuropsychology

You’ll specialise in understanding the structure of the human brain, and how it functions to enable perception, thought, emotion, language and behaviour.

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BSc (Hons) Psychology with Neuropsychology

Degree Duration

4 Years :

1 Year Pathway + 3 Years Degree


Pathways Available

International Year Zero


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Degree Overview

On this course, as well as gaining a thorough understanding of the broad range of topics relevant to modern day psychology, you’ll specialise in neuropsychology, and will develop an in-depth understanding of how the brain and the nervous system influence human thought, emotion, language and behaviour. During the course you’ll become acquainted with advanced techniques such as functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and event-related potentials (ERPs) for observing brain activity and learn how developments in research technology have supported our developing understanding of the brain – its structures and functions. You’ll learn about biological factors across the lifespan, neural encoding, learning and representation, as social beings how other people are represented in the brain but also how we perceive ourselves. You may also learn about what happens when the brain is damaged or impaired, for example in head injury, or stroke, not only how these conditions affect patients but also how patients can be rehabilitated.

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  • This course is available with a Placement Year option where you will study for 1 additional year. The Placement Year is undertaken at the end of the second year and students are away for the whole of the academic year.

Why Study this Degree

Careers prospects for psychology are very board-ranging due to the fact that it provides high-level literacy and numeracy skill and at Bangor University focuses on transferable skills throughout their degree.

There are a large number of specialist research labs including a 3T MRI scanner, TMS Labs, EEG facilities and a Brain anatomy laboratory.

Your Pathways

The International Year Zero is the first year of the four year undergraduate course. IYZ is designed to help you gain extra skills in your subject area, as well as English Language, before you continue to year one of your chosen University undergraduate degree course.

Following successful completion of the IYZ, you will continue onto Year One of your degree directly with the University of your choice.

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