Social and Political Theory

MSc Social and Political Theory explores pressing contemporary issues using political theory and sociology. Our focus is on the nature and workings of political power and authority, and we will consider the relationships between states and societies, and the place of politics and power in everyday life.

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MSc (Hons) Social and Political Theory


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As well as reading key classical texts of political theory and sociological analysis, we also analyse real-world contemporary problems and address fundamental questions of political power and social order. You will examine how political power originates and operates at an individual, social and political level, its relationship to sovereignty and the state, and how it intersects with issues such as justice and human rights, civil identity, democracy and economics. You will be equipped with the conceptual ideas, theoretical approaches and analytical research skills needed to study politics at postgraduate level.

Your option modules can be drawn from politics, psychosocial studies, and history, classics and archaeology, thus offering you access to psychosocial and historical approaches to theory, politics and the social sciences.

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