Quantitative Finance with Data Science

This MSc Quantitative Finance with Data Science provides you with training in advanced mathematical finance and the skills in data science needed for a career in modern financial institutions.

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Key Facts



(MSc) Quantitative Finance with Data Science

Degree Duration

1 year


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Degree Overview

The range of topics covered includes:

  • statistical analysis
  • numerical mathematics
  • machine learning
  • computer programming with applications of focused on real world problems in finance.

This Master’s degree provides you with substantial knowledge and understanding of mathematical techniques that are commonly used in the finance industry including derivative pricing, risk quantification and portfolio management, as well as the statistical tools that are commonly used, such as forecasting, hypothesis testing, volatility models and financial time series.

You will acquire expertise in the areas of option pricing, risk management, numerical implementation, applications of machine learning and coding skills in Python, R and Matlab.

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  • You may incur additional costs in the course of your education at the university over and above tuition fees in an academic year such as laptops, stationary and additional resources.

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