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Oxford International College (OIC) is the UK’s best sixth form college offering A-Levels, GCSEs, and a range of short courses. We prepare students for competitive degrees at the world’s top universities.

At OIC, we provide our students with an open and stimulating study environment in a city that has been renowned for academic excellence for almost 1,000 years. Our students have the chance to meet and learn from some of the brightest people in the world in an environment that nurtures their personal and academic growth, while also enjoying the cultural life of this beautiful city.

Located just a short walk from Oxford city centre, the College attracts students from all over the world and has become a vibrant community of international students and staff. Students are taught by some of the Oxford’s finest tutors, who are all experts in their fields; mostly Oxford University alumni or hold doctorate degrees from Oxford.

Our young students represent the future of this world, and we very much look forward to welcoming them to Oxford and to supporting them at the start of this journey of a lifetime.

Our Results

In 2019, we became the best-performing college in the country as elected by The Times School League, Daily Telegraph School League, and the Educational Advisors’ Independent School League Table. In 2020, we have kept our title and proved our excellence with spectacular university destinations.

We are the proudest of how our success translates into 2020 university admissions:

  • One in three of our applicants earned places at Oxford or Cambridge
  • 58.6% of all students were accepted into Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, Imperial College London, and London School of Economics (the so-called G5, or five best UK universities).
  • We have also received 63 medicine offers (70 of our students applied for all degrees) from 26 top medical schools in the world, cementing our reputation as medicine admissions specialists

We are confident that these incredible grades are a direct result of our education model, based entirely on tailoring and personalisation – as well as teaching students the passion for a career and not just a subject.

Our Curriculum

From the outset our students follow their own Strategic Global Pathway – a personalised curriculum which allows them to tailor their journey to the outcomes they want to achieve. A specialised programme and dedicated team of tutors and personal mentors ensure that students choose the right career path, degree course and university for them, and then devise a step-by-step plan to help them maximise their chances to achieving their goals.

Strategic Global Pathways have three components, corresponding to the three pillars of our curriculum:

  • Academic Excellence
  • Career Development
  • Personal Development

At OIC, all subjects can be offered if the student’s preferred degree requires them. From the moment a student is admitted into the college, our dedicated team of academic experts helps them create an individual strategy – of subjects, career-related activities, and extracurriculars – in order to best suit their individual goals.

College Life

Our pastoral team helps students to settle into college and boarding life and continues to support them throughout the whole duration of their studies. With house parents and wardens living alongside our boarding students, we try to create a home away from home, where individual needs are accommodated and mutual respect – along with a sense of belonging to the OIC boarding community – acts to build a friendly and homely atmosphere. As of 2020, we boast four boarding houses and two dining halls.

Students have access to the Oxford University Sports Club situated within walking distance of the college and the halls of residence. There is a range of activities and competitions taking place throughout the year and opportunities for everybody to get involved.

We foster a culture of responsibility for one’s own achievements, as well as a sense of duty to better the world we live in. Our innovative curriculum provides students with the best chances to succeed at university interview, higher education and later in their professional lives.


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